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Advertising folders – decorative and ecological

Advertising folders have been consistently popular among our customers for many years. They owe their success to their versatility within the promotional and advertising market. They can be used as folders containing a sale offer by placing brochures or leaflets inside them, as well as being used as elegant packaging for submitted tender offers or as eye-catching invoice covers.

An advertising folder, just like a business card, is one of the most important elements of visual identification in every company and industry. Through long-term, practical use it is a very important factor in brand building strategies.

Depending on your vision, the folders with the logo of your company on can be custom designed in any way that attracts the attention of potential customers, even via smell through the use of fragranced varnishes. Depending on the purpose, the document folders can have different spine widths, equipped with a closing elastic band, a place for a business card and is available in variantions of 1-2 or multi-crease.

We offer a wide range of folders, depending on your needs, and we have dies in many formats and shapes, with or without a wide back or without. Our team of designers will find the best solution as per your needs.

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Are you looking for a way to transfer and present company documents in an original way? A portfolio with a printed company logo on is a practical advertising tool that will help maintain order in documentation, as well as promoting a company's image. An advertising folder, together with a business card and company pen, can create a unique giftset for customers.


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Bid folders are made of the highest quality materials. One or double-sided folder printing can be enriched with any refinement (foil: mat, flash, soft-touch; selective UV varnish), which will add originality and quality to the end product.